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Founder's Message

“ Vidhya (giving knowledge) is the only wealth given to the coming generation that cannot be robbed by any means.”

- Bro. Augustine Jebakumar, 

   Founder - GEMS

Our Core Values

  • Simiplicity

  • Sincerity

  • Sanctity

  • Sacrifice

  • Service



Mrs. Florence Elizabeth Ruby

GES - Sikaria

Mrs. Leela Stephen

GES - Bhabua

Mrs. Sudha

GES - Dudhi

Mrs. Shimona Gideon

DCLM School - Renukut

Mrs. Manvizhi Janet

GES - Koderma

Mrs. Soni Masih

GES- Raipur

Mrs. Manju Latha

GEMS Mission School - Garhwa

Mr. Absolom

GES - Mahwal

Mrs. Deboral 

GES - Aurangabad

Mrs. Princess Jebakumari

GES - Darbhanga

Mrs. Pushpa Mariadas

GES - Ramdihra

Mrs.Anita Jayashree D

GES - Bare

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